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How to set WorkflowServiceStubOptions in Java

Set WorkflowServiceStub-specific options with the WorkflowServiceStubOptions class. The following table lists the options used to configure WorkflowServiceStub.

setChannelSets gRPC channel to use. Exclusive with target and sslContextManagedChannel
setSslContextSets gRPC SSL Context to useSslContext
setEnableHttpsSets option to enable SSL/TLS/HTTPS for gRPCboolean
setTargetSets a target stringString
setRpcTimeoutSets the rpc timeout value for non query and non long poll callsDuration
setRpcLongPollTimeoutSets the rpc timeout valueDuration
setRpcQueryTimeoutSets the rpc timeout for queriesDuration
setRpcRetryOptionsSet the rpc retry optionsRpcRetryOptions
setConnectionBackoffResetFrequencySets frequency at which gRPC connection backoff should be reset practicallyDuration
setGrpcReconnectFrequencySets frequency at which gRPC channel will be moved into an idle stateDuration
setQueryRpcTimeoutSet the query rpc optionsDuration
setHeadersSet the headersMetadata
setBlockingStubInterceptorSet blocking stub interceptorFunction
setFutureStubInterceptorSet the future stub interceptorFunction
setMetricsScopeSet the metric scopeScope
setEnableKeepAliveSet keep alive ping from client to the serverboolean
setKeepAliveTimeSet the keep alive timeDuration
setKeepAliveTimeoutSet the keep alive timeoutDuration
setKeepAlivePermitWithoutStreamSet if client sends keepalive pings even with no active RPCsboolean