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How to set ActivityOptions in Java

Use ActivityOptions to configure how to invoke an Activity Execution. Note that Activity options must be set before the Activity Execution is invoked.

You can set Activity options for Activities within a Workflow or define specific Activity options per Activity Type within a Worker.

Setting Activity options within a Workflow

Use ActivityOptions with ActivityStub to set options for invoking Activities within a Workflow. The following example shows how to set ActivityOptions for Activities within a Workflow.

GreetingActivities activities = Workflow.newActivityStub(GreetingActivities.class,
// if task queue not set, it will be same Task Queue as what the Workflow uses
// If RetryOptions are not explicitly set, Activities have a default RetryOption that apply.

Note that these Activity options will apply for all the Activities defined in the GreetingActivities Activity interface. You can create multiple Activity stubs within a Workflow, and each can have different Activity options defined.

Setting per-Activity options when registering a Workflow with a Worker

To set different options per Activity type, use .setActivityOptions with WorkflowImplementationOptions. Note that if you define options per Activity Type with WorkflowImplementationOptions.setActivityOptions(), setting them again specifically within ActivityOptions in a Workflow will override this setting.

The following example shows how to set Activity options for Activity Types with WorkflowImplementationOptions.

 WorkflowImplementationOptions options =
// setActivityOptions allows you to set different ActivityOption per Activity type.
// By default Activity type is the name of Activity method (with first letter capitalized.)
// Set Activity execution timeout (including retries)
// Set Activity execution timeout (single run)
// ActivityTypeB activity type shouldn't retry on NPE
// ...
worker.registerWorkflowImplementationTypes(options, YourWorkflowImpl.class);

For more details, see Activity Options Reference.