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How to add custom Search Attributes to Workflow Executions at start time in Go

Provide key-value pairs in StartWorkflowOptions.SearchAttributes.

Search Attributes are represented as map[string]interface{}. The values in the map must correspond to the Search Attribute's value type:

  • Bool = bool
  • Datetime = time.Time
  • Double = float64
  • Int = int64
  • Keyword = string
  • Text = string

If you had custom Search Attributes CustomerId of type Keyword and MiscData of type Text, you would provide string values:

func (c *Client) CallYourWorkflow(ctx context.Context, workflowID string, payload map[string]interface{}) error {
// ...
searchAttributes := map[string]interface{}{
"CustomerId": payload["customer"],
"MiscData": payload["miscData"]
options := client.StartWorkflowOptions{
SearchAttributes: searchAttributes
// ...
we, err := c.Client.ExecuteWorkflow(ctx, options, app.YourWorkflow, payload)
// ...